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Meet our Doctors

Dr. Jennifer W. Thornton 

Dr. Jennifer Thornton is the daughter of Eldon and Margaret Larson. Being the daughter of a dentist and a dental hygenist, she showed interest in the dental field at a young age and it culminated in her pursuing a dental career as well. In 2002, she married Brian Thornton – who she met while completing her training at the University of Washington School of Dentistry. She thoroughly enjoys providing care at our office, and has known many of the patients since she was very young. Some of Jenny’s favorite hobbies are quilting, sewing, as well as raising her kids


Dr. Brian Thornton

Dr. Brian Thornton, husband to Dr. Jennifer Thornton, joined the practice on his completion of Dental School at the University of Washington in 2003.   Brian brings another aspect to the office, his gift of artistry.  The walls of the Poulsbo Dental Center have become a gallery for the display of many of his recent and favorite paintings.  In addition, his artwork and reproductions have been used in several fundraisers for locals schools and the Washington Oral Health Foundation.  Dr. Thornton feels his artistic abilities enhance his dental skills leading to very pleasing results.   

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