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Advanced Technology

  Our office has always been at the forefront of adapting new technologies to provide the best treatment possible.  At the same time, we’ve spent a great deal of time and research into new technology decisions to make sure that it is effective, beneficial, and proven through clinical research.  This page is designed to highlight some of these advances in dental care.  We’re adding new technology all the time, and these are just a few of our patient’s favorites.


CEREC CAD/CAM system:  One visit for Porcelain restorations and Crowns!

CEREC represents a revolutionary way to restore damaged or decayed teeth in a single visit.  This system allows us to restore a tooth with a durable ceramic material, matched to the natural tooth coloration, in one visit for restorations or crowns.  How it works:  The tooth is prepared, then optically scanned with a special camera.  The inlay, onlay, or crown is then designed in 3D on a computer by the dentist using computer aided design (CAD).  Once the design is complete the restoration is computer-aided milled (CAM) out of a special porcelain material.  The resulting perfect-fit restoration is then bonded to place, restoring the tooth to full lifelike form.  

  Since it is completed all in one visit – there is no need for temporary crowns, traditional impressions, or additional visits.  This technology has been in service since 1987, originating in Germany, and with millions of restorations placed abroad and in the US, we felt it was proven enough to be the first to bring this exciting technology

Multimedia Systems in Treatment Rooms

We’ve been having great reviews of our multimedia systems in our treatment rooms.  In some of our rooms, this means video entertainment that you can see and listen to while a procedure is taking place.  The system even works while reclined, so sit back, relax, and watch a IMAX nature, travel, or acrobatic show while visiting with us.

The system has headphones available to listen to the program audio.  Also, we have some children’s programing in each room for our younger guests.


The WAND Computerized Anesthetic Delivery system

If a tooth needs to be restored, the WAND system allows us to more comfortably administer the local anesthetic.  Our youngest to eldest patients find the experience greatly improved and more comfortable than traditional means of anesthetic delivery.  We Feel that this is making great strides in calming anxieties many people have experienced with dental treatment in the past.

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